It is no secret that Amsterdam is a city that is famous for its red light district and its sex shops. In fact, there are more than 100 sex shops in Amsterdam, and they are a big tourist attraction. While some people might be surprised to learn that there are so many sex shops in one city, others might find it unsurprising, given the city's reputation.

What is perhaps more surprising is that, despite the city's liberal attitude towards sex, not all of the sex shops in Amsterdam are legal. In fact, there is a big black market for sex shops in Amsterdam, and many of them are run by criminal gangs. This means that, not only are the shops illegal, but the products that they sell are often counterfeit and dangerous.

This black market for sex shops is a big problem for the city of Amsterdam. Not only does it create a lot of crime and violence, but it also means that the city is losing out on a lot of money. In fact, it is estimated that the city could be making up to €50 million a year from taxes on legal sex shops.

So why hasn't the city done more to crack down on the illegal shops? One reason is that it is not always easy to tell which shops are legal and which are not. In fact, many of the illegal shops look very similar to the legal shops, and they often use the same branding. This means that it can be difficult for the authorities to tell which shops are legal and which are not.

Another reason is that the city is worried about the backlash that it might receive if it cracks down on the sex shops. Amsterdam is a very liberal city, and many people here are in favour of a liberal attitude towards sex. If the city starts to crackdown on the sex shops, it might receive a lot of criticism from the public.

So what is the solution? The city is currently working on a new plan that will make it easier to tell the difference between legal and illegal sex shops. This plan will involve new signage and branding for the legal shops, and it will also make it easier for the authorities to track down the illegal shops.

The city is also hoping to work more closely with the police and the customs authorities to crackdown on the illegal shops. This will involve sharing information and intelligence, and it will also help to identify the people behind the shops.

It is hoped that this new plan will help to clean up the city's red light district, and make it a safer and more enjoyable place for tourists and residents alike.

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